Quality Control

Quality Control Department

  • Follow up the compliance with ISO 17025 in the central Laboratory.
  • Monitor the quality of laboratory analysis, the efficiency of the used devices and the efficiency of the chemists in the Central Laboratory as well as the sub laboratories.

Work Procedures

  • Prepare and measure the first & second Quality control samples regularly.
  • Follow up the preparation and expiry dates of the prepared solutions.
  • Following-up equipment periodical maintenance.
  • Verify the validity of the used analytical methods.
  • Assessment of the chemists’ efficiency all over the year.
  • Verify analysis results using ion balance program.
  • According to ISO 13528 periodical comparisons are run between the central and sub laboratories to assess the efficiency of the chemical materials, instruments and chemists.
  • Participate in writing the laboratory instruments and chemicals specifications.
  • Organize training courses for the new chemists. Supervise Sampling room.