Quality Assurance

This department was first entitled with environmental affairs department on 26/11/1998. This department was concerned with:-

Collect all the environmental laws and legislations and coordinate their application with the concerned monitoring and governmental bodies.

Environmental Affaires achievements:-

  • Remove slums which surround water intakes
  • Remove all the wastes at water intake area.
  • Remove wastewater main pipelines (quasine) which threat the quality of groundwater.
  • Cover the open drains.
  • Clean the intakes from the water weeds.
  • Remove fish cages from water intakes surrounding area.
  • Follow-up all BWADC branches to ensure the environmental protection.
  • Submit periodical reports about the environmental situation and to chairman.

After the modifications of its responsibilities the administration renamed by ( Quality Assurance Administration) And has the following tasks:-

  • Following-up the application of environmental standards to be followed in all company fields.
  • Study of environmental problems resulting from the company’s activity.
  • Take the necessary procedures for development of environmental awareness to the company’s employees.
  • Development of standards to be followed during water treatment with regard to its impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Work to protect the intakes of water plants, filtration units and wells from pollution.
  • Study the effect of sanitation and waste on surrounding environment and proposing how to address the negative effects that may result from it.
  • Ensure the applying of environmental policy of the company and participate in determine the environmental objectives and monitor its implementation.
  • Develop time- table for internal audit and its implementation.
  • Control of internal documents and documents of external origin.
  • Coordination with the concerned divisions which serving the client and methods identification to be followed, to obtain customer satisfaction and resolve the problems associated with it and take appropriate corrective and preventive actions.
  • Ensure effective applying plans of maintenance and calibration of equipment.
  • Evaluate and measuring of performance indicators, different activities to ensure continuous improvement.

Developments in management:

  • To carry out environmental scanning.
  • assessment the Environmental impact of the pants
  • Analysis the plant life-cycle (LCA):- Analysis the work of the plant life-cycle to the water drop at water production plant from the moment of entry, even going out to see the impact of water treatment processes on the environment and therefore try to reduce the environmental impact.
  • estimate the water leakage of non revenue water and placed in the center of attention and highlight the real size in each stage of water treatment and be able to focus on avoiding its causes ,to low cost of cubic meters.
  • estimate the operational capacity of the plant and calculating the material cost to show any stage of the treatment have the largest share of energy consumption and thus can be reduced, which leads to lower costs and reduce environmental pollution.

Establishment of modern management systems in the company

The company has established several systems for modern management such as:-

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001.
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems ISO 18001.
  • Water Safety management Systems ISO 22000.
  • The performance of tests Systems ISO17025.
  • Now we try to prepare information security system ISO 27001.