ISO Certifications

ISO 14001

BWADC has been granted ISO 14001 certificatein the field of Environmental Management Systems with therecognition of the English UKAS since August 20,2004. Theapplication of the system is audited annually byinternational supervisors from Moody International Company. The application of this system leads to the protection ofthe environment, reduce the environmental pollution, achievecompatibility with environmental laws and regulations, adaptto the changing circumstances, reduce the environmentalrisks, maintain the company’s capital and rationalize theconsumption of energy, and natural resources, in addition toImproving the working environment for the company staff.

ISO 90001 certificate

BWADC has been granted ISO 9001 certificate in the field of Quality management system with the international recognition of Cofrac since August 20, 2004. The system is audited annually by international supervisors from Moody International Company. The system includes all the needed conditions that guarantee the high quality of performance and product.
The system application leads to raise performance level, achieve customers satisfactory& the targets of the company, reduce the costs and the analysis of the problems leads to over come them. In addition, the application of the system leads to connect all the administrations of the company together instead of the separate administrative system in order to achieve performance efficiency.

ISO 17025 certificate

BWADC has been granted ISO 17025 certificate in the field of Accreditation and Qualification of Laboratories from the National Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (N lab) with the recognition of the international authority of laboratories Ilac since on February 2007. The system includes all thenecessary conditions and specifications to guarantee the efficient functioning of the laboratory tests and maintaining a constant level of performance that does not fluctuate with the changeable circumstances.

ISO 18001 certificate

Moody international certified that the Occupational Health & Safety Management system of Beheira Water & Drainage Co. (BWADC) has been assessed and registered against the following technical specifications BSI-OHSAS – 18001:1999.

BWADC was granted this certificate on 24-12-2007which means that:

  • We maintain the infrastructure, equipment’s and personnel.
  • We reduce the occupational accident.
  • We are compatible with the Occupational Health & Safety legislations.
  • We had accurately identified occupational hazards sources to reduce their risks.

Environmental management systems ISO 14001

The company was granted ISO 14001:2004 certificate (Environmental management systems) with international recognition of the UKAS Since 20/8/2004, the system is reviewed annually by international auditors from moody international company.. The application of environmental managements means, environmental protection , pollution reduction, compliance with environmental laws and regulations, adapt to variable circumstances , reduce leakage and environmental risks, to maintain the company’s capitals , rationalization of energy consumption and also to improve the environmental conditions for employee to work in safe and clean environment.