Water Quality

ISO Certifications

The company has been certified ISO 14001 in the environmental management system by international recognition of UKAS English since 20/8/2004.

Public Awareness

Watch out for water filters! Commercial fraud and abuse of national and national product. An awareness and education campaign for schoolchildren on the rational use of water and sanitation.


Of the health, social and civil return on the citizens and this is what the State aims to raise the level of services in providing a glass of clean water.

Environmental Policy

For a better environment and a safer safety for individuals and the infrastructure of the company we are committed to the company drinking water and sanitation in Beheira at.

Quality Assurance

The beginning of the establishment of the administration under the name of the Department of Environmental Affairs on 26/11/1998 as the first water company in Egypt concerned with environmental affairs.

Quality Control

In the framework of the drinking water and sewage company in Beheira produce and distribute pure drinking water in Beheira and in the framework of the company’s keen on the series of water production from the source to the consumer.