Sports Activities

  • BWADC’s club was established in 1993 to practice sports, social, cultural and entertainment activities.
  • The club began its activities by subscribing to various association and federations of football, handball and karate.


BWADC club participated in the third division league in 1994 and took the first place and consequently ascended to the second division in the 1995-96 season and took the first place and consequently ascended to the first division (B1) in the 1996-97 season until now and reached the semifinal in the same season. Also the club produced players participates in the premier league right now such as:

Ayman Saeed (Al-Shortta) – Al-Sayed Hamdi (Petrojet) – Mohamed Ibrahim (Etesalat) – Abd-AlRahman Mohie (Haras Al-Hodood) – Farag Shalabi (Pertojet).

And now includes an excellent staff of players such as Sherif Karawia and Abo Al-Enin Shehata. The club aspires to ascend to the premier league under the supervision of the current leadership.

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The club subscribed to handball federation and reached final of republic championship.


The club participated in world championship for karate that held in Al-Zohour club in Cairo.

The club participated in bikes championship that held in Behiera governorate.