Twining with Amsterdam Water Supply (AWS)– Netherlands:

A twinning agreement has been signed with AWS to exchange the technical experience in the field of drinking water and work on employees capacity building.

Phase 1: From January 1999 to December 2001:

  • Water treatment Plantsoperation &maintenance.
  • Uncounted for water (UFW).
  • Artesian water resources management.
  • Managementinformation system.

Phase 4: From January 2009 to December 2010:

Project Objective:
Capacity building on organization level for the companies AWCO, BWADC and DWC in order to improve drinking water production and distribution, and waste water collection, transport and treatment (sanitation).


  • Reduce UFW in the pilot area (BWADC – AWCO – DWC).
  • Staff capable to solve problems / optimize drinking water treatment plants from a process technological point of view – AWCO, BWADC, DWC.
  • Staff capable for operation and maintenance of waste water collection, transport and treatment– BWADC.
  • Laboratory staff capable to implement new analytical methods.
  • Security of supply (Business continuity plan)

Phase 2: From January 2002 to December 2004:

  • Water treatment plants operation.
  • Environmental impact of water treatment processes (LCA)
  • Distribution networks.
  • Triangle cooperation between (BWADC – AWS – JWU).
  • Public awareness campaigns.

Phase 3: From January 2005to December 2008:

By establishing the HCWW, the granting partnerVNGiexpressed the willing to include Alexandria Water Co. AWCO, Damietta Water & Waste Water Co. DWC and BWADC as a pilot to transfer the gained knowledge & Experience to the remaining subsidiary companies of the HCWW.
The Formulation of this Program was done in close cooperation with Waternet Amsterdam and Egyptian Counterparts.


  • Develop treatment plants maintenance system(MP2).
  • Reduce electricity consumption.
  • Establish environmental affairs department.
  • Establish laboratories quality control department.
  • Use the pilot plant for research & development.
  • Use trident system to increase water production.
  • On job training for the Chemists & Engineers in Amsterdam.

Phase 5: From January 2011to December 2015:

The Water Operator Partnership (WOP) aims to develop (parts of) the water cycle* in Egypt in a sustainable and cost effective way to improve the quality of human and environmental life. This contributes to the ensuring of environmental sustainability in Egypt (millennium development goal 7) and to the involvement of Egypt in the global partnership for development (millennium development goal 8):

The project focuses on:

  • Operation and maintenance of waste water networks and waste water treatment plants.
  • Policy and strategic planning, both for drinking water and waste water
  • Capacity: Master planning
  • Maintenance: Asset management
  • Future water technology: Research
  • Development of the capacities of the training center to serve internal and regional (Africa & Arabic Countries) knowledge dissemination