BWADC has established 17 branches (Distribution center) in the cities of the governorate to:

  • Executing the urgent maintenance works for Pipe lines.
  • Executing the customers’ new connections.
  • Collecting water consumption bills.
  • Solving citizens’ problems and complaints.

Networks Maintenance & Performance Development

The company took an extension of the policy in previous years, particular importance to the maintenance process in general and particularly in networks by supplying the branches of the company with the following:

  • Train BWADC employees on the latest maintenance techniques and how to make use of the available data in the GIS department (networks types, diameters, depth, age, tracks and fittings) to carry out maintenance works easily and in a short time.
  • There is a chamber of valves to disconnect the accident area from the network.
  • Divide the network into easily controlled geographical areas provided with maps updated with the lines of pipes and valves.
  • Make monthly and periodical programs for the washing of networks in a modern way resulting on saving the water used in washing from one hand and ensure the safety and quality of water on another.
  • Use good kinds of network pieces to avoid soil affections that guarantee no leak and reduction of incidents such as damage of plastic pipes, sockets, valves… etc.