Master Plan

Mater Plan Goals:

  • Evaluate and investigate the current state of water & wastewater networks and plants of Beheira governorate.
  • Develop a comprehensive vision for developing and managing water and wastewater sector in a regional level.
  • Determine the basic alternatives that could be put into account to develop and improve service level.
  • Determine the high priority projects (HPP) for the period until the year of 2010.
  •  Determine the governorates” future needs of water and wastewater services, perform hydraulic analysis as well as make economic and financial investigations until the targeted year of 2037.
  •  Put these needs into scheduled and cost estimated projects.

Master plan project phases:

Master plan project consists of three phases:

First phase:

Make a description, study and evaluate the governorates’ water & wastewater working systems current state at urban and rural areas according to the code and design principles.

Second phase

final report and high priority projects:

Study and describe the suggested development recommendations for water & wastewater works at Beheira urban and rural areas in order to achieve the optimum utilization of the system components without new constructions as much as possible. Bidding documents of high priority projects.

Third and final phase

Master plan for water & wastewater until the year of 2037, investigations includes:

  • Make a study on drinking water consumptions and wastewater rates.
  • Hydraulic analysis for the future state.
  • Detailed description for development alternatives.
  • Economic and financial investigations.