Information Technology

Billing system Automation:

Automating bills collection and installment plans for all the subscribers (House connections – private sector – governmental sector, Public sector – religious groups Sector – …etc)

Billing System Automation Outcomes:

Accurate water meters reading – Avoid human factor mistakes in data registration -Increase the rate of bills collection – Reduce customers’ complaints from the incorrect meters reading – Full control and follow up for the performance of bills collectors and their inspectors

Billing System Components:

Single charger -Multi connection unit-mobile reading unit

Central Operation Unit Components:

4 Servers (ITANUM HP INTEGRITY RX 7640) Speed: 1.6 GH – Cash: 18 MB – memory: 8 GB


Storage Cabin:

STOREG AREA NETWORK EVA 8000; Storage Capacity of 1 T.B including DATA PROTECTOR for the automatic backup.


The unit is supported with 2 IBM INFO PRINT 2105 for BWADC bills printing. (Speed: 105/ ppm)

Information Network:

Redevelop information network due to the significant increase of computers number.
Rearrange users in new divisions “DOMAIN – ACTIVE DIRECTORY”
Develop security procedures to guarantee that no one can access the data bases of network.
Determine roles and privileges granted to users
Develop programme to make the permanent update automatically.

– BWADC network cables and devices have been developed to match the company information system development. International standards have applied to guarantee high performance level through using the latest connection units; main connection unit supported with data security units to protect BWADC internal users’ data from viruses or hackers.

The target of information network upgrading:

  • To match the increment of the headquarters computer sets.
  • Classify the users into groups to protect the network from the viruses.
  • Protect BWADC data bases from the hackers.
  • Specify users’ privileges.
  • Assign control points to the ends of the network
  • Automatically update antivirus programs on the users’ computer sets.

Security of Data ISO / IEC 27001

BWADC Quality Control Department has qualified the company to get ISO 27001 – Information security management systems- BWADC applied this system to guarantee:

Systematically examine the company’s information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities and impacts
Design and implement a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and other forms of risk treatment (such as risk avoidance or risk transfer) to address those risks that are deemed unacceptable.
Adopt an overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls continue to meet the company’s information security needs on an ongoing basis.
Information Availability. Confidentiality. Integrity Non-repudiation

Connection between BWADC Headquarters & Branches

The Barcode system aims to:

Automatically Register warehouses exchange movements.
Perform sudden and annual stocktaking in a short time.
Easily get inventory categories and its places in each warehouse.
Provide decision makers with statistics and reports.

Hotline Service 125

Citizen’s complaints are received through 125 hotline. AVAIA system is used to automatically direct the phone call to the concerned brach to directly solve citizen’s complaints.

Electronic Archiving:

Electronic archiving is used in the different departments of the company such as accounts, procurements, personnel affaires, Legal affairs, technical drawing & design, customer service, payrolls and ownership departments to create a digital copy of the important documents. Using Arc mate Program.

Archiving system

A database has been built to store all the important documents instead of the traditional archiving system to be safely archived and help the employees to get the information easily.

Information Systems Department:

A readymade program has been bought to warehouse all BWADC databases to help in data processing and data conversion into information using business inelegance tools BI, to get detailed or collected reports which help in the different levels of making decision.

The program aims to:

  • Submit accurate reports to help to management in decision making.
  • Easily get and submit the different reports to the external bodies.
  • Easily get tailor made reports.
  • Periodically issue publications about the company activities.

Programs designing and planning:

Currently the department is using Oracle 10 G in designing the different programs of the company.

Work procedures:

  •  Study the documentary cycle to be automated.
  •  Draw the data base flow chart.
  •  Choose the appropriate programing language.
  •  Test the program.
  •  Solve any problem if any.
  • Current programs upgrading.