GIS software programs have been applied in BWADC in 1995, using the latest global programs Arc/Info from ESRI®.

  • The system including central unit and 17 sub units all over Governorate.
  • Supplied with unit for total station (using integrated monitoring plants).


The goals of use G.I.S

  • Create new descriptive and spatial “Geographic” database for networks and plants in Beheira Governorate that is constantly refined and updated.
  • Support utility operation and maintenance in all branches.
  • Provide technical assistance for the development and search activities.
  • Provide technical assistance in the field of projects design and implementation process according to accurate hydraulic and technical rules.
  • Develop service system by establish a connection with customers database.
  • Establish a connection between plants database and labs database.
  • GIS is considered pivotal point in the development of water supply.
  • (Hydraulic Analysis – Studies of leak detection – Studies of Master plan).

Hydraulic Measurements

Out of BWADC believe in the necessity of quantitative & standard measurement system for water production & distributions system performance which indicates the actual evaluation for water networks system performance, BWADC has developed the following:

  1. A sensory system (dynamic) works through sensors to measure pressure & disposal.
  2. Sound wave system to measure the disposition.
  3. Measurement system planted on main villages’ entrance.

Aiming to:ـ

  • Provide actual indicators about the efficiency of main water supply lines “study the performance of water network”.
  • Control water supply resources by easy monitoring and controlling of changes.
  • Achieve the best use of supply networks by loading the full designed disposal capacity.
  • Provide predictive studies & indicators about the leakage in water networks.
  • Prepare the Master Plan and Hydraulic Analysis.

Leak Detection

In the framework of the Holding Company for Water & Wastewater to reduce the leak detection in water networks, BWADC has established a new system in this field.

Hydraulic Model for a new proposed line study

Automation of maintenance programs in plants and networks

MP2 program

  • This program aims to improve the performance of plants’ equipment & assets and maximize economic return, by the use of scheduled maintenance applied by MP2 (Produced by Data Stream Co.).
  • Save repairing and maintenance costs.
  • Avoid plants sudden break down.
  • Optimize maintenance system throughout scheduled tasks.
  • Create an integrated database of the plant.
  • Arrange tasks in stores and procurement section in the plant.

SCADA System

SCADA system has been applied in networks and plants, for supervisory control and data acquisition about water quantities and disposition of plants and pump stations as well as control water quality including (turbidity – chlorine – PH), by which we can control the operational efficiency and save raw material and consumption which means the activation of SCADA system and reduce break down of equipment and assets to guarantee providing the best service for customers. SCADA system has been applied in plant “Damanhour 2” and is being generalized in all plants and pump stations.