BWADC Production


BWADC has developed its products into ductile cast iron, as is granted ISO 9001 certification “Quality Management System”, ISO 14001 Certification “Environment management System” and ISO 17025 Certification “Laboratory System”.

Development plan follows in two parallel lines

Development of production lines of Al-Kiomla blast furnaces, to increase the production to 4000 tons yearly of Gray cast iron, and utilized equipments and machines to achieve higher quality compliance with the standard specifications.
Innovate and advanced development technology by using electric induction furnaces and establishing spectral and metallographic analysis laboratory to produce flexible iron cast foundries with great quality compliance with the international specifications of ISO 2531, in addition to carbon and alloy steel more intrinsically resistant to corrosion, with production capacity 2500 tons/year (specially products of the flexible cast iron).
There is also a unite for fusing and forming copper and cast iron to produce the spare parts of gray and ductile cast iron and copper compliance with Egyptian and British Standard specifications

Foundry Products

Central Workshops

In order to make full use of the available Production, BWADC workshops have been equipped with the needed instruments such as (………….) to carry out the several equipment maintenance

The central workshops include:

  • Electrical Panels manufacturing workshop.
  • Electrical equipment maintenance and motor rewinding.
  • Water Meter Maintenance workshop.
  • Mechanical equipment maintenance workshop.
  • Mechanical installations workshop.
  • Engines and motor rewinding workshop.
  • Vehicles Maintenance workshop
  • Calibration and measurements workshop.
  • Metal forming workshop (Foundry)
  • Equipment maintenance.

Electrical Panel Workshops:

  • 120 fingertec panels.
  • 80 switch panels.
  • 10 artesian well panels.
  • Operation panels of Abou Hommous & Al Shaikh Zaed water treatment plant.
  • Electrical panels of the urgent plan water treatment plants.
  • 153 operation panels.
  • 96 filter control panels.
  • 48 measuring instruments panels.

Electrical Calibration Workshop

  • To Test low and medium voltage Panels.
  • Prepare a vehicle (mobile lab) provided with modern devices to make tests.
  • To test motors, converters and diesel engines.
  • Technical Studies of operation and power distribution panels.
  • Design and manufacture operating panels.
  • Test and calibrate measurement devices.

An agreement between BWADC and Masr Electric Schneider Co. has been signed to gurantee high quality level of production.

Workshops equipments are developed according to the recommendations of Masr Electric Shnider Co.

Print House

  • BWADC Print House has been established by BWADC Board of directors’ resolution No. 1630 /2009.
  • BWADC Print House was established to produce all BWADC logbooks and records as well as the subsidiary companies to maintain the confidentiality of these logbooks. We also print Customers’ bills, to save a lot of money.
  • Print House Staff are well trained to ensure the best level of performance.
  • BWADC Print House is equipped with the latest printing equipment to ensure the best production quality.


BWADC has been granted the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 certificate “Quality Management System”
  • ISO 14001 certificate “Environment management System”
  • ISO 17025 certificate “Laboratory Accreditation”
  • OHSAS 18001 certificate “Occupational Health and Safety Management System”
  • ISO 22000 Certification “Food Safety Management System”