A geographic information system was created in 1995 based on the latest available global software Arc / Info from ESRI® to serve the company’s branches

Waste Water

Sewage activity was included in all the governorate centers of the company and thus the company became responsible for the transport, collection and treatment of sewage water through

Water Production

The development of water production in the company to become the total production capacity of drinking water in the province in 2016 after the implementation of the urgent plan projects as follows

Master Plan

Evaluation and study of the current status of drinking water and sewage networks and stations in Beheira governorate.

Recent Projects

The province of Beheira suffered from a shortage in the quantities of water produced in the province of the province, where the production of drinking water from the surface stations and the artesian 750 thousand cubic meters a day

Information Technology

The reading, collection and installment operations were automated for all sectors of the participants (domestic, private, government, public, public groups, religious groups)

BWADC Production

We have developed our production from gray cast to flexible cast and specially after the company obtained the ISO 9001 certificate in the quality management system and the ISO 14001 certificate in the environment management system