About Us

Beheira Water and Drainage Company

  • Beheira Water & Drainage Co. (BWADC) was first founded in 1981 as a public sector company to mange, operate and develop water utilities all over the governorate.
  • By issuing the Presidential decree No. 135 / 2004, by establishing the Holding Company for Water and Waste Water (HCWW), BWADC has become one of its subsidiary companies.
  • The company management pays great attention to water production quality that is produced from 26 main plants, 13 compact units and 29 artesian processes.
  • Water production covers all the cities and villages of Beheira governorate which consist of 91 municipality unit, 546 Omodya (Omodya is Bigger than the municipality unit and smaller than the village) and 6257 village.
  • There are 44 sub laboratories in the company plants and branches (27 laboratories for drinking water and 17 laboratories for waste water) to test water & waste water samples. In additions, there is a central laboratory for drinking water and another one for wastewater to guarantee the quality of the chemical, bacteriological and biological analysis.
  • The company serves around 812 thousand subscribers.
  • There are about 7584 employees working for BWADC.

Organizational Chart

This Chart previews the organizational structure of Beheira Water and Drainage Company.

Board of Directors

Member Position
ENG. Khaled Hussein Nasr Chairman & Managing Director
Dr. Alaa Osman Appointed member
Eng. Maher Al-Adawy Appointed member
Eng. Mahmoud El-Sady Appointed member
Mr. Magdy Abd Elhameed Appointed member
Mr. Hazem Gohar Elected member
Eng. Mahmoud Salah El-Din Elected member
Mr. Mohamed Ammar Elected member
Mr. Atef Ebaid Elected member

Chairman Speech

Water is one of the most important things on earth. It is a source of peace and war. Without water plants, animals, and microbes – everything will perish. So we are exerting all efforts, using modern technology, to provide high quality water and wastewater services and keep clean environment to protect the health of Beheira citizens.

BWADC efforts in the field of developing and improving water & wastewater services is crowned with the willing of the international & foreign organizations and agencies to sign twinning agreements in the field of water & wastewater such as Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Germany, Sudan and Morocco.

The company appeals to Beheira citizens to rationalize water consumption.


To be a pioneering water company providing water services according to the international standards.


Our Mission is to provide exceptional water and wastewater services in a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective manner focusing on the satisfaction of our customers, employees and community to deliver a high performance through a commercially viable organization.

Strategic Objectives

  • Produce an international standard correspondent drinking water that meets and satisfies the expectations of our customers.
  • Create a labor vision that inspires a signally performance and keeps up high efficiency employees.
  • Establish a heavy-duty water and wastewater infrastructure that supports our long-term strategy and assists in achieving objectives and goals.
  • Wastewater treatment in a safe and environmentalism way.
  • Optimize and develop company performance in order to achieve our objectives, ambitions and strategy.
  • Environment conservation throughout the optimum use of our natural resources.
  • Help our local community through providing vacancies for our citizens.

Cultural values

  • Pay Attention to Customers:
    We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by working diligently to provide them with exceptional water and wastewater services in a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective manner. Serving our customers and to guarantee their satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business.
  • Value Employee:
    We realize that our Personnel are the keys to our success. We respect, empower, and provide them with all support that guarantees their continuous development.
  • Teamwork:
    We work together as individuals, teams and operating units. We support each other, share knowledge and responsibility. We create value by working together and each of us succeeds individually when the team achieves success.
  • Integrity:
    We honor our commitments, act according to our stated values, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical practices in our interactions among us and with customers.
  • Performance:
    We strive for outstanding performance. We work hard, meet our targets, celebrate our successes and learn from our failures.
  • Innovation & Operational Excellence:
    We strive for providing an outstanding service that exceeds all customer’s expectations as well as support our employees creation and innovation.