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Welcome! We are proud that we are one of the pioneering companies in the field of drinking water treatment and drainage.

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Paying attention to WHO standards to ensure water quality using the latest standards and techniques.

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Numerous certificates and awards in environmental management, technical management, quality, safety and occupational health.





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Speech of the Chairman of the Board

Water is one of the most important things on earth. It is a source of peace and war. Without water plants, animals, and microbes – everything will perish. So we are exerting all efforts, using modern technology, to provide high quality water and wastewater services and keep clean environment to protect the health of Beheira citizens. BWADC efforts in the field of developing and improving water & wastewater services is crowned with the willing of the international & foreign organizations and agencies to sign twinning agreements in the field of water & wastewater such as Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Germany, Sudan and Morocco. The company appeals to Behiera citizens to rationalize water consumption.

Eng: Mohamed Saeed Nashat

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, Beheira Water and Drainage Company

Foundry and central workshops

High quality products made by our hands.

Industrial Technical Secondary School

For drinking water and sanitation in Damanhour.

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You can contact us by sending us complaints or suggestions by filling in the form specially prepared for this purpose. You can also follow the complaint or suggestion by searching the complaint number. You can also call 125 Hotline to follow complaints and suggestions.

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Result of the technical decision to tender the sewage treatment plant

Result of the technical decision to tender the sewage treatment plant

With reference to SRSSP As a result of the technical decision for tender No. (3) for the year 2018/2017 for the process of design, supply, installation, implementation and operation of sewage treatment plant in Al-Burajat Center in Kom Hamada Metito Overseas and...

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